Sheehan Soon To Be Forgotten

I feel bad for Cindy Sheehan. Not just because her son was killed in Iraq and not because her mother had a stroke. I feel bad for her because she is being puffed up by a bored media, and will go through withdrawal once she is forgotten about after Labor Day.

The Cindy Sheehan story is what you get when you have dozens of White House reporters camped out in the middle of Texas without any news to cover. Shortly after Labor Day passes, Bush will go back to DC, Congress will get back into session and suddenly the media will forget about Sheehan. Sure, Michael Moore, and the rest of the angry left will try to keep her story alive for awhile. But a month from now, we won’t be hearing much about Cindy Sheehan. I hope she’s prepared for this reality, but I don’t think so.

A New York Times article earlier this week says Sheehan believes her protest is “‘only the beginning’ of what she described as a growing national movement to bring all American men and women home from the war.”