North Korean Farce

So it seems that what was hailed as an deal under which North Korea was going to abandon its nuclear weapons programs, really wasn’t much of a deal at all, because North Korea already said, “The U.S. should not even dream of asking us to give up the nuclear deterrent we already have before providing a light-water nuclear reactor.” The Bush Administration has refused to discuss a light water reactor until North Korea disarms and yet still insists that they will get this deal done.

It seems that in desperation to show progress with North Korea and to appear as though it gave diplomacy a chance, the Bush Administration is signing an agreement that North Korea is no more likely to abide by than the 1994 pact that it secretly violated before formally pulling out of. Furthermore, based on all press accounts I have read, the pact does not make any aid to North Korea contingent upon improvement of the country’s atrocious human rights record. Much like the 1994 agreement, the current pact could have the effect of sweeping the North Korean issue under the rug for the time being, while propping up a regime that once made Bush’s “axis of evil.”