The Greatest Candy Bar I’ll Never Have

Before I move on to more serious stuff I must report that today I stumbled across a description of the legendary SevenUp bar and it sounds like it was a stroke of confectionary genius. The bar was comprised of seven individual pillows of chocolate, and each section had its own delicious filling. The fillings changed from time to time, but over the course of the bar’s run, they included caramel, brazil nut, coconut, jelly, mint cream, nougat, butterscotch, cherry, fudge and buttercream. It was like having an entire box of chocolates in the palm of your hands! Talk about a solution to indecision.


Unfortuantely, according to the book Candy: The Sweet History, the bar went out of production in 1979 because the trademark for the name “SevenUp,” which it shared with the soda, expired. Also, it was apparently expensive and labor intensive to make, given that all those fillings had to be injected into each bar.

But it seems as though there’s another candy bar out there carrying the torch. Necco’s Skybar has the same basic concept as the SevenUp bar, only with four flavors instead of seven. You can order a case of Skybars here. I’m quite tempted, but I’ve made far too much progress in fighting my sugar addiction over the last two months to become a Skybar junkie. If I ever see them for sale individually, though, I’ll definitely treat myself.

So I discussed obesity in my last post and wrote an ode to a candy bar in this one. That’s my idea of fair and balanced reporting.