Mao’s Legacy

I’m looking forward to reading Jung Chang’s new book on Mao. “Based on a decade of meticulous interviews and archival research, this magnificent biography methodically demolishes every pillar of Mao’s claim to sympathy or legitamacy,” Nicholas Kristoff wrote in his NY Times review of the book. He also says “Mao emerges from these pages as another Hitler or Stalin.” It’s nice to see Mao relegated to his proper place as one of the worst mass murderers in history. Not surprisingly, the book is banned in China, along with issues of magazines that contain reviews of the book. And China accuses Japan of trying to whitewash its history.

One thought on “Mao’s Legacy”

  1. I’m looking forward to reading this, too. I read “Red Star Over China” and gave it a lukewarm review on, but until I read a review of this new Mao book, I had no idea what a total whitewash it really was.

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