Hamas Nobel Peace Prize Watch

Following up on my recent column, I have decided to create a “Hamas Nobel Peace Prize Watch” feature on this blog, to track the incremental ligitimization of the terrorist group. Today let’s look at media reports that Hamas will likely nominate Ismail Haniyeh to be prime minister of the Hamas led-Palestinian government.

The UPI story on the nomination said. “Haniyeh is viewed as a leader of the more pragmatic wing of Hamas.”

BBC reported, ” Mr Haniya, considered a pragmatist…”

The NY Times says, “Ismail Haniya, viewed as one of its less radical leaders..”

After reading many news reports like those I decided to do a Nexis search on “Ismail Haniyeh” to find evidence of his so-called moderation. Here’s what I came up with.

On Sept. 11, 2001 Haniyeh was firmly in the “blame America” camp. As you may recall, Palestinians celebrated when the World Trade Center and the Pentagon were attaked. An AFP story from that day read:

“Washington must seriously revise its policies in the world,” Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh also said here…

After a Hamas suicide bomber killed 19 people in an attack on a Passover Seder in Israel (known as “the Passover Massacre”), a March 28, 2002 LA Times story read :

“I think the Israeli people cannot take this indefinitely,” senior Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday in Gaza. “Anyone reading the Israeli newspapers can see their suffering. They love life more than any other people, and they prefer not to die.

I suppose it takes a “pragmatist” like Haniyeh to view another culture’s love of life as an oppourtunity to advance his own culture, which celebrates death instead.

On July 31, 2002, Hamas bombed a cafeteria at Hebrew University while students were eating lunch, killing 7 people, three of them Americans. Among the nearly 100 wounded were Arabs and other foreign nationals. The following day, the LA Times story included the following quote:

“If they are going to attack our children, then they will have to expect to drink from the same poison,” Hamas official Ismail Haniyeh said Wednesday in Gaza City, where hundreds of Hamas supporters poured into the streets late in the day to celebrate the university bombing and vow more attacks.

Perhaps Haniyeh is viewed as a moderate because he has suggested the pre-1967 borders would be acceptable. Of course, he only means that it would be an acceptable intermediary step before the destruction of Israel.

Leading up to the recent elections, Haniyeh said in an interview with AFP that:

“Hamas supports the establishment of a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital in the territories occupied [by Israel] in 1967 – as an interim solution. However, Hamas will continue to maintain its views regarding the boundaries of historical Palestine, and [in terms of] refusing to recognize the legitimacy of the occupation.”

Clearly it’s absurd to write that Haniyeh represents the “pragmatic wing” of Hamas, because the organization is a sick death cult that doesn’t have a pragmatic wing. It’s like saying Hermann Goering represented the “pragmatic wing” of the Nazi Party.