This post will only make sense to those who have been watching the Sopranos this season, and there are SPOILERS below.

The last two episodes of The Sopranos have left me hopeful that the show can return to its old form. I think the episodes recaptured some of the psychological depth and originality that were missing in the past two seasons. The dream sequences creatively explored the issue of identity, and If you interpret them from a Freudian perspective (i.e. wish fulfillment) they reveal that somewhere deep within Tony Soprano there really is a desire to live the life of a typical guy. As he regains his physical and mental capacities over the course of the season, I think he’ll come back to having a lot of the identity issues that were revealed in the dream sequences. This gives him an inner conflict on top of the outside threats he faces. No matter what was going on in the last few seasons, I never really felt a sense that Tony was vulnerable, but now I do, and I look forward to seeing how he’ll confront his enemies and placate his underlings while struggling with his inner demons.

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