Bad News For Israel

I was cautiously optimistic following the outcome of the Israeli elections, but it seems one of the worst fears of the naysayers are coming true: Defense Minister Amir Peretz. Putting the dovish Labor Party leader with little military experience who campaigned on social issues in charge of Israeli security is a disaster. Uri Dan elaborates.

Meanwhile, in other news: Palestinians smuggling Katyusha rockets into Gaza

For years terrorists have been firing highly innacurate Kassam missles into Israel from Gaza in hopes that they would hit something and kill Israelis. But since the Israeli disengagement from Gaza last summer, they’ve been smuggling Katyusha rockets from Egypt through tunnels. The Katyushas are more accurate, and have a longer range.

This was one of the reasons that critics argued against the pullout, which I supported. I still think disengagement is a sensible strategy, but it only works if Israel is willing to do what it takes militarily to confront terrorists. The thought of Defense Minister Amir Peretz doesn’t put me at ease.