Tony Snow

From Bush’s perspective, this is an excellent choice. Snow will be forceful and articulate while also being sympathetic to the position of the press. But I think the move is looks bad for Fox News. However they decide to spin it, the fact that one of their news anchors left to be the flak for the White House looks bad. Imagine the reaction of conservatives if Wolf Blitzer were to become press secretary for a Democratic President?

5 thoughts on “Tony Snow”

  1. But isn’t Wolf already the mouthpiece of the left on CNN? Wouldn’t be a big jump for him, nor would be surprising to anyone in the country.

  2. I don’t disagree. Both sides would pull the same meaningless garbage. I just don’t think it would be some sort of shocking, outrageous surprise.

  3. I think its about time a president picked someone with media experience as press sec. In fact, when you think about it it’s kind of odd that it too so long.

    And Tony Snow is perfect, best Bush pick since Bolton. He’s confidant,classy, artitulate and composed – can’t wait for Helene Thomas’s head to explode!

    As for the BDS crowd? Fuck ’em. I love stuff like this, it’s fun to watch them reach new standards of apeshit.

    Although, I’m curious how it would have been received if Reagan or Bush I had tapped, say, Brit Hume, when he was a straight anchor for ABC.

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