Anti-Semitism in Britain

Not only is Britain’s largest teacher’s union for colleges and universities considering a boycott of Israeli lecturers who don’t dissociate themselves with the policies of Israel’s government, but also:

concerning Hamas’s victory in Palestinian elections, enjoins British academics “to continue to help protect and support Palestinian colleges and universities in the face of the continual attacks by Israel’s government” and to “contact the Palestinian Authority government to reaffirm that support.”

It’s bad enough for a group of academics to cutoff a free and open exchange of ideas because of their hatred for Israel, but then to want to cooperate with the Hamas-led terrorist government, which is dedicated to the destruction of Israel, is an absolutely disgraceful double standard. I’m not one of those people that automatically equates criticism of Israel with anti-Semitism, but it’s difficult to explain this in any other way.

One thought on “Anti-Semitism in Britain”

  1. ….when are we ever going to see the story that reads:

    “…..Britain’s biggest union for college and university teachers plans to ask its 67,000 members to consider boycotting Muslim lecturers who do not publicly dissociate themselves from what it called Hamas’s “terrorist policies.”

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