Gore Redux?

There’s been a lot of talk this week about the possible 2008 presidential candidacy of Al Gore in the wake of his SNL appearance (video link) and ahead of his global warming film “An Inconvenient Truth.” Howard Kurtz rounded up some of the recent commentary on another Gore run.

The idea of another Gore campaign first aroused my interest last October, and I posted a brief item on it.

I certainly wouldn’t rule him out. He has strong name recognition, experience organizing a campaign and the ability to raise money. The left loves him for his unabashedly anti-War and anti-Bush positions and many Democrats still believe he rightfully won the election in 2000. For those who see the Bush presidency as a failure, electing Gore would be a kind of do-over. So yeah, it could happen.

On the other hand…

One of the reasons why people are fond of Gore now is that he isn’t running for anything, which has allowed him to be more comfortable in his own shoes and speak as if he is above the fray. However, from the moment he decides to run for office, he becomes a politician again and needs to pander to different constituencies. Once this happens, the wooden, robotic Gore will return and even his supporters will find him as annoying and boring as ever.

But either way, it’s a story worth keeping an eye on.