Giuliani and History

My latest column on Giuliani’s 2008 presidential prospects is up at the American Spectator site.

An excerpt:

With Rudy Giuliani crisscrossing the country in support of Republican candidates and raising money for his new political action committee, it is beginning to look inevitable that he will seek the presidency in 2008. Despite his lead in many early polls, skeptics still dismiss his chances of winning the Republican nomination given his personal background and liberal views on social issues. There is no doubt that these will be obstacles for Giuliani, but compared to the forces that will propel him into the White House, they are small potatoes.

As the saying goes, read the whole thing.

One thought on “Giuliani and History”

  1. Just read your piece on Giuliani in the American Spectator. You said what I’ve been saying for months, that Giuliani’s relatively liberal positions on such issues as gay rights and gun ownership should not deter conservatives from getting behind him, because, as you pointed out, terrorism is the issue that overrides all others, and Giuliani is the best man to deal with that issue.

    There’s another thing about Rudy that makes me a solid Giuliani man for 2008: I think he’s the only man who can beat Hillary Clinton. Conservatives, libertarians and anyone else who believes the war on terror is the key issue of our era should support Rudy Giuliani, as should all of us who agree that a Hillary Clinton presidency would be a catastrophe for America.

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