Romney and the Jewish Vote

The Politico has an odd story out about how a bill Romney vetoed in 2003 could hurt him with the Jewish vote:

Now that he's in full presidential campaign mode, Romney may be wishing he hadn't vetoed a budget provision in 2003 that would have reimbursed nursing homes in Massachusetts that provided kosher meals to Jewish residents on Medicaid. The measure promised to pay an extra $5 a day per kosher diner. The state legislature overrode Romney's veto.

I don't see how this is a problem for Romney.  This is a rather obscure piece of legislation to begin with, and Jewish voters  represent a small segment of Republican primary voters. In a general election,  the Jewish vote is overwhelmingly Democratic anyway. Orthodox voters tend to be more Republican, but they  vote Republican  on the basis of  support for Israel and values issues, both of which Romney would be stronger on than the Democratic nominee on. And the tiny bit of support  Romney  could conceivably lose as a result of this obscure veto would be offset, becuase  if the  issue ever gets publicized, he'll look better among  fiscal conservatives. As a Jewish conservative myself,  I'd side with Romney on this veto. Either way, I  know Politico is trying to  appeal to political junkies, but doing a whole story  on this one veto seems a bit much to me.    

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