Conservative Blame Game

Richard Viguerie has conducted another one of his unscientific but interesting online polls. This one asked conservatives, “Who was responsible for the Republicans’ disastrous defeats, including loss of control of the House and Senate, in the 2006 elections?”

The top answers, in order, were:

— Conservative leaders who kept silent when the GOP became the party of
Big Government
— Illegal corruption, such as Mark Foley, Robert Ney, and Jack Abramoff
— Legal corruption, such as spending on special interest groups to “buy”
their votes, including earmarks
— Mainstream media that may have influenced the voters to throw out the
— President George W. Bush
— Conservative media that kept silent while the GOP became the party of
Big Government
— Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), former President Pro Tempore of the
Senate and promoter of the $223 million Bridge to Nowhere
— Blunders and misstatements by Republican candidates
— Former Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN)
— Congressman Dennis Hastert (R-IL), former Speaker of the House