Fred Dalton Obama?

From Robert Novak's column on Fred Thompson:

The Connecticut Republicans, down to one seat in Congress after 2006 election losses, cheered when Thompson told them: "I think the biggest problem we have today is what I believe is the disconnect between Washington, D.C., and the people of the United States. People are looking around at the pork barrel spending and the petty politics, the backbiting. The fighting over all things, large or small, is creating a cynicism among our people."

This is an excerpt from Obama's standard stump speech, as delivered in Richmond a few weeks ago, which I transcribed:

"People feel cynical about the political process. They feel as if politics is a business and not a mission, that power is always trumping principle, especially in Washington. They get discouraged and that cynicism has been fed over the last six yearsâ€_.No wonder people feel cynical. The net effect is that politics has become small, it's become timidâ€_"

Sounds like a bipartisan consensus is developing around the War on Cynicism.

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