McCain Blogger Call

Speaking to bloggers moments ago, John McCain called for tough action against Burma (which he said he refuses to call Myanmar).

“It’s time for firm, decisive, effective action against these thugs that are running that country,” McCain said. By firm action, he meant increased economic sanctions, and pushing China and other Asian countries to put more pressure on Burma.

He also said that the testimony of Gen. Petraeus helped make sure that wavering Republicans would continue to support the war, and it took some of the fight out of the Democrats.

I asked him what he thought about Hillary’s baby bucks proposal. “I’d be very interested to know how she’d pay for that,” McCain said. “Is that an increase in taxes or she anticipates a revenue windfall? In all due respect, I think it’s a worthy cause, I’d like to give everyone, every baby born, $100,000. I just want to know how to pay for it.”