Rudy Hate Fest

It’s official. Giuliani has become the leading hate figure for the left among GOP candidates. Biden just dedicated almost an entire answer to ripping Rudy, calling him the most inexperienced candidate to run since GW Bush.
“I’m looking forward to running against Rudy Giuliani,” he said. Also joked that a Giuliani sentence is “a noun, a verb, and 9/11.”

Obama Lands a Punch

Finally. After Russert asked Clinton about why she won’t allow the National Archives to release her records from her time as first lady, Obama followed up by saying that after years of secrecy in the Bush administration, we don’t need more of it. As for why Republicans are always talking about her: “It’s a fight they’re comfortable having. It’s the fight they’ve been having since the 1990s.” This is Obama the change candidate emerging.

Rudy’s Coup

Comes up in the Democratic debate for hitting Hillary on experience. Her answer saying she has experience on “both sides of Pennslyvania Ave,” then pivoting to attacking the Bush administration, was fine in the context of a Democratic primary, but won’t cut it in the general election.

Obama’s Meeting

Obama wants to “convene a meeting of Muslim leaders” upon assuming the presidency. It’s amazing about how he can allow political correctness, and this sort of Ivy League grad student mentality, to dominate his thinking on foreign policy.

Kucinich vs. Richardson

Bill “the human resume” Richardson, in reference to Iran, said he’s the only one who has actually negotiated with another country. Dennis Kucinich screams, “That’s not true!” I guess Kucinich must have had to do heavy foreign diplomacy as mayor of Cleveland.

Clinton on Iran

Clinton wants a “full-court press” on the sanctions front, but she won’t talk about under what conditions she would consider military force. Edwards says the Kyl-Lieberman looks like it was “written by neocons” because it gave Bush-Cheney exactly what they wanted.

Obama Says He’s Rocky and Clinton is Apollo Creed

For all of the talk about how Obama was going to go for the jugular in this debate, given the oppourtunity, he barely tapped Clinton on the shoulder. He prefaced by calling his battle with Hillary “the most over-hyped battle since Apolo Creed and Rocky.” Obama said he was Rocky (after all, the debate is in Philly). But the real question: is he Rocky in the first film, going the distance with the heavy favorite, or the Rocky of the second film, rising to his feet to victory after both fighters knocked themselves down? Obama then criticize her for flip-flopping on NAFTA, Iran, and torture. In actuality, he may be more like Michael Spinks.

Clinton, in her response, flashed her credentials as a Republican hate figure saying, “I don’t think the Republicans got the message” that she had so much in common with them, pointing to how much she was brought up at the GOP debate. She’s been fighting Bush-Cheney for years.

Paul Hits The Airwaves

Via Marc Ambinder, I see two new TV ads that Ron Paul is running in New Hampshire. The first features “person on the street” interviews, and the second has Paul speaking to the camera in front of an image of the Constitution. Both seem more aimed at anti-war NH independents than Republicans. “I’m the only one in either party who has pledged to bring our troops home from Iraq immediately, and cut government spending,” he says.

Giuliani and Campaign Finance Reform

In a post that mostly has to do with John McCain, Ramesh Ponnuru wrote of Giuliani, “as far as I can tell, he still supports campaign-finance reform…” But earlier this month at the Club for Growth conference, Giuliani said McCain-Feingold was a mistake. Here was my account:

Toomey also asked Giuliani about his past support for McCain-Feingold. “It is one of many occasions in which I can point out to you that I’m not perfect, that I’ve made mistakes,” Giuliani acknowledged. “And that has turned out to be a big mistake.” He spoke about the restrictions it has placed on free speech as well as the problems with 527s and said he now realizes that the best system would be one in which you ditched the focus on spending limits in favor of more transparency.

Giuliani also had similar things to say about McCain-Feingold in August. Perhaps Ponnuru is unaware of these statements, but if he is aware of them, I’d be curious to know why he finds them unsatisfactory.

UPDATE: Ponnuru is happier.

Bush Bashing Files, Global Warming Edition

Former New Hampshire Gov. Jeanne Shaheen, who is vying for Sen. John Sununu’s seat in what is expected to be one of the more competitive races next year, had this to say at a luncheon Sunday, as reported by Foster’s Daily Democrat:

“These wildfires are a direct result of this administration’s failure to do something about global warming,” Shaheen said with passion and to applause as the microphone cut out on her.

These are the type of over-the-top statements, so detatched from any sort of scientific consensus, that actually make it less likely that people will see global warming as a serious threat–a moral cause–rather than just another political issue.

And if this is indicative of Shaheen’s verbal acuity, perhaps Sununu’s seat isn’t in danger afterall.