NH Poll: Romney, Huckabee Surge

Romney shows continued strength in New Hampshire in the latest Rasmussen poll, just as Giuliani is taking out ads and starting to campaign more seriously in the state. But perhaps more surprising about the poll is that it has Mike Huckabee in a virtual three-way tie for second place in a state that is supposed to be the most difficult terrain for him . Should Huckabee follow up an upset win in Iowa with a strong showing in New Hampshire, it would completely change the race. And you’d have to begin asking, if Giuliani and/or McCain can’t beat Huckabee in New Hampshire, how long can they remain in the race?

As far as the numbers were concerned, Romney is at 34 percent, Giuliani and McCain are both at 15 percent, Huckabee is at 14 percent, Paul is at 8 percent, and Thompson is hardly a factor at 3 percent.

As with all Rasmussen polls, there should be a note of caution that they use robotic calling techniques, which some people argue create unreliable results.