Re: Negotiate A Beating Before the Betting

Having spent my childhood in Atlantic City with a father in the casino business and having worked in casinos for three summers myself, I should probably abstain from such a discussion, but I always think it’s important to clear up a misconception about gambling. At the end of the day, gambling should be viewed as a type of entertainment, and there really aren’t many forms of amusement that provide a similar adrenalin rush than the ups and downs you can experience playing craps or blackjack, at the slot machines or the roulette wheel. The media likes to focus on those people who are squandering their life’s savings by gambling, in an attempt to portray casinos as predatory enterprises. But there is a certain segment of the population that is always going to take things too far, whether it’s alcoholics, smokers who go through several packs a day, obese people who continue to eat fast food. The overwhelming majority of gamblers are responsible adults just looking for a fun diversion from their everyday lives.