The Dull-ocrats

On the campaign trail, Robert Novak notes the similarity in rhetoric of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. The media keep hyping up the Democratic race as the political equivelent of a Jean Claude Van Damn movie–a fierce, bloody, death match. But it’s really more like the English Patient — a movie that goes on and on forever, with no real point, only to get rave reviews from critics.

Whatever minute policy disagreements there are between the two candidates– such as whether or not to mandate health care coverage– have been hashed out ad nauseam. The change vs. experience debate has nowhere else to go. As Novak notes, while the Jeremiah Wright and Bosnia controversies drew headlines, that played out in the media rather than on the campaign trail.

At this point, most of the debate concerns procedural issues. Should Hillary drop out? What should the role of superdelegates be? Should Florida and Michigan be seated? Should there be a revote?

Not exactly must see TV.