The Livid Left and McCain’s War Experience

Liberal bloggers, and their commenters,  are disappointed at Barack Obama's campaign for distancing themselves from Wesley Clark's comments. TPM's Greg Sargent writes that "by condemning Clark's line of argument, the Obama camp is strengthening the McCain camp's ability to suggest that his POW bio does make him more qualified to be president than Obama is."    In comments,  one person claiming  do be a dissillusioned longtime Obama volunteer from San Francisco wrote a note to Obama wondering, "What in hell has happened to your campaign?" Matt Yglesias accuses the campaign of lameness.

The DailyKos commenters, as usual, are in a class by themselves. Commenter Agnostic praises Clark, saying, "finally, the right message, with the right messenger. Sitting in prison for years is NOT leadership training."  

JeffW followed up: "Not unless McTurd had led multiple attempts to escape, with some successes."

THEpersonal ISpolitical reminded everybody, "not to mention he crashed FIVE TIMES"

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