The Clinton Rehabilitation

Surverying the liberal blogs this morning, not to witnessing the reaction within the Pepsi Center last night, Bill Clinton took a big step toward rehabilitating his image within the party with last night’s speech. Over several months on the campaign trail, Clinton made a spectacle of himself and liberals were finally able to see his ugly side because his nonsense was directed at one of their own. But he gave easily to most effective speech on behalf of Obama last night, and reminded Democrats why he’s been the only twice-elected president from their party since FDR.

It’s too early to tell what how Obama will come out of this convention, but we can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that it could not have gone any better for the Clintons. From Bill and Hillary’s speeches, to their calls for unity, to the theater of Hillary cutting off the roll call vote to make Obama the President by acclamation (only after enough states had announced their delegates to show she still had a loyal following) — it was the perfect launching pad for her next presidential run.