A Political Solution

J-Street (a liberal anti-Israel lobbying group that presents itself as a response to AIPAC), writes the following:

Respecting Israel’s right to defend itself, we urge leaders there to recognize that there is no military solution to what is fundamentally a political conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.

Unfortunately, this is a lot more easily said than done. Israel has been in negotiations with Fatah seeking a political compromise, but there’s no deal that they can strike that would stop rocket attacks against Israeli civilians. Last month, when I spoke to Maen Areikat, the deputy head of the negotiations department for the Palestinian Authority, he said: “We cannot control the firing of these rockets from Gaza.” And he also conceded that Hamas would never abandon its desire to wipe Israel off of the map. Therefore, Israel has no political options to stop the rocket fire. Furthermore, what political solution can there be between Israel and the Palestinians, if there isn’t even political unity among the Palestinians?