Bolton on Obama: Deception is not Moderation

John Bolton just spoke here at CPAC, offering a blistering critique of President Obama’s foreign policies, insisting that, “If we get our act together, he is a one-termer.”

Bolton said that conservatives should not be comforted by the fact that Obama has backed off some of his campaign rhetoric on issues such as Gitmo, NAFTA, and CIA black sites. “Being inconsistent and deceptive is not the same as being moderate,” he said.

Bolton, echoing Joe Biden, said that Obama would be challenged internationally by foreign powers who seek to test the young administration. He said that Obama’s weak reaction to Georgia during the campaign coupled with his skepticism regarding missile defense has emboldened a resurgent Russia. Hillary Clinton’s decision to essentially take human rights off the table in her trip to China was a mistake. He explained that China is expanding its naval fleet, and will be in a position to challenge America in the western Pacific. An important test will come next month when it’s the 50th anniversary of the Dali Lama’s flight to Tibet — Bolton said to watch for whether Obama has the backbone to meet with him in the White House. He also noted the North Korea’s nuclear program would never be abandoned unless the U.S. puts more pressure on China. On Iran, he said that Obama is naive to believe that the issue can be resolved through negotiation. It has already mastered the nuclear fuel cycle, he said, and the only question is whether or not Israel will launch a military strike. That could present Obama with a major foreign policy crisis in the next 6 to 9 months.