Coleman Attorney: “We’re Going To Appeal”

Blasting today’s ruling by a three-judge panel as an “April Fool’s Day Order,” Norm Coleman attorney Ben Ginsberg just said on a conference call they would have no choice but to appeal the decision to the Minnesota Supreme Court.

Ginsberg said the court’s order was an “unprincipled decision” because it called for a different standard for ballots than was followed on election day, and that separate standards were applied in different counties.

He cautioned that today’s order is not the final opinion, which is anticipated next week once the court looks at the ballots and rules on other matters, but assuming the final opinion doesn’t change the decision they made today, he said, “we’re going to appeal.”

“[The decision] continues to disenfranchise thousands of Minnesotans whose votes should be counted, whose votes would have been counted had they lived just in a different jurisdiction,” Ginsberg said.