NY Murder Rate Lower Than When “Mad Men” Roamed the Streets

As the year approaches a close, the New York Times reports that the city is set to have the lowest number of homicides since reliable statistics began being kept in 1962.

I’ve been criticial of Mayor Michael Bloomberg on a number of issues, but the one thing he does deserve credit for is that he built on the successes of Rudy Giuliani in reducing crime.

The number of murders peaked in New York City at 2,245 in 1990. In 1993, the year Giuliani was elected, there were still 1,946 murders. By 2001, his final year in office, that number had dramatically declined to 649, or to about a third of the level at the beginning of his mayoralty.

But under Bloomberg, that number shrunk even lower, the Times notes: “As of Dec. 27, there were 461 murders; the current record low happened in 2007, when there were 496.”